7th - 12th October 2019

Great Malvern, UK

8th Edition


>_ LOL :-)


Science Comedy Night

 Friday 11th October 2019 (evening)

 Malvern Radio (new venue), Great Malvern, WR14 2AY

Abstract: We outline an innovative experiment to lighten the mood. Apparatus: Some science nerds and engineering geeks (together referred to as boffins [1]), a stage, a microphone, a digital projector, some drink and an adult audience. Method: Allow the boffins to speak consecutively into the microphone from the stage using the digital projector to amuse the audience.  Results: Laughter out loud and consumption of drink.  Conclusion: Science comedy is not an oxymoron.  References: [1] The Times, 15 Sept. 1945 referring to a band of scientific men who performed their wartime wonders at Malvern. 

Tickets will be on sale soon.  Strictly over eighteens because of the licensing rules.  Bring your lab book.




Doors open (probably to a sound like this)

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An evening of high-brow science and technology amusement

Line-up to be announced. 


More drink*

*drink sensibly, the liquid does not need to contain C2H5OH to have a good time.



Subject to change.

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