3rd - 8th October 2022 TBC

Great Malvern, UK

11th Edition


>_ LOL :-)


Science & Technology Comedy Night

 Friday 7th October 2022 (evening) TBC

 The Old Con Club TBC, Great Malvern, WR14 2AY

Abstract: We outline an innovative experiment to lighten the mood. Apparatus: Some science eggheads, computer nerds and engineering geeks (together referred to as boffins [1]), a stage, a microphone, some props, a digital projector, some drink and an adult audience. Method: Allow the boffins to speak consecutively into the microphone from the stage using the digital projector and their props to amuse the audience.  Results: Laughter out loud and consumption of drink.  Conclusion: Science and technology comedy is not an oxymoron.  References: [1] The Times, 15 Sept. 1945 referring to a band of scientific men who performed their wartime wonders at Malvern. 

Strictly 18+ because of the licensing rules, ID may be requested. Bring your lab book and safety goggles.




Doors open (probably to a sound like this)

Please arrive early for a seat!

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while comedians_seen < 5:

An evening of high-brow science and technology amusement


20:00 - 21:00





21:00 - 21:20


setTimeout (Intermission, 1200);

Ingestion of nutrients, excretion of waste, as appropriate.


21:20 - 22:00





More drink*

*drink sensibly, the liquid does not need to contain C2H5OH to have a good time.



Log off

Unless we get the Blue Screen of Death before now.


Programme subject to change.