TBC - 7th October 2023

Great Malvern, UK

12th Edition


Fancy a Festival of your own?




Having organised quite a few editions of the Malvern Festival of Innovation, we can see the value that a celebration of creativity brings to a community. Both in terms of energising people and boosting the visitor economy.

We can bring a similar Festival to your own town or district* almost anywhere in the world, leveraging any local heritage, highlighting any local success stories, and helping to bring along world-class science communicators, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

We can tailor the content to fit local existing industry sectors or those ones that you aspire to being part of. You can pick-and-mix business symposia, schools outreach events, family events and gala events using Malvern's previous programmes as a guide. You can choose an event-in-a-day or several events over a longer timeframe. We'll use our experience to guide you and shape the programme to suit your local or regional audience.

And then we'll help market the event with your local stakeholders and through a website at mytown.festival-innovation.com

If this sounds of interest, please contact us to discuss the details. #InnovateMyTown

*We wont do big cities because we just feel they get all the attention and have plenty of resources to stage, large impersonal events. We're here with this initiative to help smaller towns and communities celebrate their heritage and invigorate their future through innovation and entrepreneurship.