7th October 2023

Great Malvern, UK

12th Edition



In association with Malvern Hills Science Park

Thursday 6th October 2022

Malvern Hills Science Park, Great Malvern, WR14 3SZ

A showcase of the wealth of innovative technology businesses from in and around Malvern.

The morning session was open to years 11-13 (final year GCSE and A Level) school students, accompanied by their teachers, and will provide an opportunity to explore careers in STEM subjects. The afternoon session was open to business professionals interested to meet companies, collaborate and network with peers. 

This event was free to attend.




Registration for schools session opens

Schools should check in at the registration desk

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Tech Organisations - Exhibition

Tour the exhibition to meet companies and organisations from around Malvern working in or with STEM subjects, see what whey are doing, and discuss career opportunities. 


Seminars and careers talks

Seminars and talks to be scheduled during the morning. Details will be updated as they are confirmed.



Some on site business and organisations are kindly opening their doors for a visit. Tour timings and booking will be available at the registration desk.



Careers in Cyber Security: More than just technology

When you think of Cyber Security, lots of people think about technology and that you need to be technically minded. Learn how I left school wanting to work in accounting, started working in law, all before finding my love for Cyber Security and compliance.

Samantha Alexander, Certification Manager, IASME Consortium Ltd

Sam is an experienced accreditor and auditor in Cyber Security & Information Assurance. Starting her career in Information Security as a consultant, she then moved over to international standards management & development, and now works on new information assurance schemes for businesses and organisations. 



Why Study Technology and Engineering?

Eight out of ten of the richest people on the planet have a stake in tech. Whilst we can’t guarantee you’ll also become a billionaire by studying tech at HE level, this talk will explore the wide variety of careers open to students thinking about pursuing computing or engineering at university. From electrical engineering to cyber forensics, games design to mechatronics, this workshop gives an overview of the requirements and practicalities of studying a tech course, and an insight into students’ options after university.

Dr Rachel Fennell, Outreach and Student Recruitment Officer, University of Gloucestershire

Rachel is responsible for organising outreach activities and events with schools and colleges for the School of Computing & Engineering, and the School of Creative Industries at the University of Gloucestershire. She has PhD from the University of Durham.





Safety critical autonomous and medical systems

Hear how a Level 6 Degree Apprenticeship Project led to the development of a mobile app to improve organ transplant transportation, reducing the size of the transport container, reducing the cost and greatly extending the life of the organ.

Hannah Saunders, Software Engineer, D-RisQ Ltd

Hannah is a Level 6 graduate in software engineering at D-RisQ, a leading UK software and verification system provider based at the Malvern Hills Science Park.

Nick Tudor, CEO of D-RisQ Ltd

Since acquiring 20 years of experience with the Royal Air Force, Nick has spent nearly two further decades within the aerospace, autonomous systems and automotive industries in various roles in large business and SMEs. Nick is an active supporter of the international effort to refresh DO178 and is a member of the Forum for Aeronautical Software.



How to turn your phone into gold: the Smartphone Circular Economy

We create around 50 million tonnes of E-Waste each year, and our cast-off laptops, kettles and mobile phones are turning parts of the planet into e-waste dumps. When you consider only 20% of that waste is actually recycled it’s clear we need to do more … and fast.

This talk will give an introduction to working in a smartphone technology business and show how smartphone usage has changed dramatically through the Covid pandemic. The presentation will also show how Utelize is adopting principles from the circular economy to reduce it’s carbon impact.

Rachel Gent, Head of Service Delivery, Utelize

Ana Karolina Lu, Mobile Device & Technical Support, Utelize




Schools session ends



Exhibitor lunch



Registration opens for business professionals

Please check in at the registration desk



Tech Organisations - Exhibition

Tour the exhibition to meet companies and organisations from around Malvern to make new contacts, discuss collaborating, or renew business links.


Seminars and tech showcases

Seminars and technology demonstrations will be scheduled during the afternoon. More details soon.

Tech talks TBC: 14:00, 14:45, 15:30

Tech pitches / demos / showcases TBC: 14:00, 14:30, !5:00. 15:30



Some on site business and organisations are kindly opening their doors for a visit. Tour timings and booking will be available at the registration desk.



A future for software engineering

Ever more complex and safety-critical software applications require robust and automated verification to ensure the systems operate as expected and specified.

Nick Tudor, CEO of D-RisQ Ltd

Since acquiring 20 years of experience with the Royal Air Force, Nick has spent nearly two further decades within the aerospace, autonomous systems and automotive industries in various roles in large business and SMEs. Nick is an active supporter of the international effort to refresh DO178 and is a member of the Forum for Aeronautical Software.






Join us at the Festival's Formal Dinner during the evening. 


Exhibition & Open House

An opportunity to both meet exciting innovators, including some businesses on the Malvern Hills Science Park opening their doors for visitors and tours.

AscertainLogo 150pxw


Ascertain Forensics is a leading provider of expert toxicology services, training and research. Their analytical and reporting teams have extensive experience in supporting the investigation of a full range of coronial and criminal cases. Their aim is to provide a comprehensive toxicology service supported by modern analytical techniques and interpretive expertise.


AspenifyLogo 150pxw

Aspenify is a software and services company dedicated to helping individuals and organizations achieve success across their key initiatives and experiences while optimizing work-life balance. As more teams become virtual, there is a universal need to learn through collaboration across key initiatives and projects. Aspenify is uniquely positioned to help streamline your business or communities initiatives using repeatable Playbooks.



AssureTechLogo 150pxw

Assure Technical brings together technical security experts from a broad spectrum of sectors. They draw on their wealth of industry experience to understand their partners’ needs, developing a pragmatic and flexible approach to protect your information and assets. It’s their goal to keep security simple – they’re cutting out the jargon to deliver honest, professional and upfront solutions.




BetaDen is Worcestershire's dynamic launchpad for entrepreneurs and scale-up businesses. The tech accelerator provides a revolutionary platform for businesses to develop next-generation technology, such as the internet of things and industry 4.0. Situated at Malvern Hills Science Park, BetaDen offers entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale up businesses a unique and comprehensive package consisting of free office space, mentorship from their handpicked experts, access to Worcestershire’s 5G testbed and a proof of concept grant. 




BlockMark Technologies develops blockchain applications. As a proof of concept, it launched BlockMark Gems, a marketplace of eye-catching digital art that demonstrates nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and the associated management of Intellectual Property. The company has since launched The Picaroons NFTs and BlockMark Registry, a certificate and accreditation management platform anchored to the blockchain. BlockMark also offers bespoke and interactive executive training programmes about blockchain technology.



borwellLogo 150pxw

borwell professionally creates software solutions that are secure and reliable for businesses and organisations around the world. Here to create your digital system and to improve your digital security, borwell's agile teams are able to work with most technologies, APIs and interfaces. A custom digital system enables business owners to exploit their existing data more effectively by removing paper, spreadsheets and disparate systems.



BrandRefineryLogo 150pxw


BrandRefinery are a specialist marketing consultancy focused on innovation and validating early stage propositions through specialised, accelerated digital marketing services and crowdfunding. They are passionate about entrepreneurship and the start-up ecosystem, and support businesses that want to test, validate and grow their product or service proposition with an agency that understands the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead of them.



CollinsAeroLogo 150pxw

Collins Aerospace, a unit of Raytheon Technologies Corp. (NYSE: RTX), is a leader in technologically advanced and intelligent solutions for the global aerospace and defense industry. Created in 2018 by bringing together UTC Aerospace Systems and Rockwell Collins, Collins Aerospace has the capabilities, comprehensive portfolio and expertise to solve customers' toughest challenges and to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving global market.



DRisQ 150pxw

D-RisQ is a leading UK software and verification system provider. Using formal methods mathematical techniques, they’ve developed a suite of software verification products designed to help organisations meet the toughest software behavioural assurance standards set by international regulators. Their intelligent software verification products have applications in many industries; including aerospace, autonomous systems (air, land, sea and underwater), automotive, marine, defence, cyber-security and nuclear decommissioning. 



Design in the Shires offer a friendly relaxed solution to your web design, marketing and graphic design needs. They are based in Malvern and were founded by a team who are passionate about connecting you with your clients online and offline. They have designed a set of services that you can scale up to fit your budget to provide a more accessible route into improving your digital and print game. 




e2e-assure are based in the UK and Australia with a focus on providing their Security Operations Centre (SOC)-as-a-Service and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) to organisations of all sizes, with the goal of improving their cyber security. Their customers cover a range of services, sizes and sectors including education, travel, banking, aerospace, government and defence.



HDAnywhereLogo 150pxw

HDANYWHERE endeavours to make centralised entertainment more mainstream and to change the relationship people have with AV for the better. Modern homes are filled with more technology than ever before. Undoubtedly, the most modern entertainment systems are ones that not only integrate into the very fabric of our buildings but also our everyday life. HDANYWHERE is a complete single-brand AV solution provider in residential and light commercial markets, unifying room-to-room entertainment with video, audio, and control.



 IASME 150pxw

IASME work alongside a network of over 250 Certification Bodies across the UK and Crown Dependencies to help certify organisations of all sizes in both cyber security and counter fraud. IASME is committed to helping businesses improve their cyber security, risk management and good governance through an effective and accessible range of certifications. Recently, they have launched The IoT Security Assured scheme that certifies internet connected devices against the most important security controls and demonstrates commitment to best practice security.



IndraLogo 150pxw 

Indra is one of the fastest-growing EV charger companies in the UK. They’re on a mission to create the smartest way to power electric cars through innovative EV chargers that are easy to understand, install and use. As a trusted EV charger manufacturer, they design their EV chargers from the ground up to offer the latest smart features, safety protection and app control.




Invizio is a product design agency specialising in bringing products to reality. As well as working closely with clients to provide desirable designs, effective engineering solutions and manufacture ready prototypes, Invizio is working on a novel app-connected smart charger for electric vehicles which resolves a major hurdle in the urban charger market.



IQHQLogo 150pxw 

IQHQ support the communications, intelligence, surveillance and security markets, using bespoke data-link and communication waveforms on custom designed hardware. Their engineers come from prestigious government, academic and industry backgrounds, providing an array of experience and skills.



Malvern Panalytical make scientific instruments and services that make the invisible visible. Their technologies enable their customers to create a better world. Improving everything from the energies that power us and the materials we build with, to the medicines that cure us and the foods we enjoy.




Malvern Technology Network (MTN) is a new initiative to create connections between local founders, investors and the technology community within the Malvern area.



NewVisionDisplayLogo 150pxw

New Vision Display is a single-source supplier of custom touch screen display solutions for OEMs worldwide. NVD offers a total solution approach, with a thorough understanding of the product development, life cycle, and end-user/environmental requirements. Their product portfolio includes a wide range of TFT & Monochrome LCDs, OLED, touch sensor and glass technologies, which they can provide stand-alone or integrated into complete assemblies.




PinSwarm enables you to easily get your ads & content seen by everyone nearby, for free, in real-time! Add pins to their map, link them to your content, offers, events & club info.  They’re like Google Maps for live info.




Prizsm use technological capabilities in novel ways to achieve cyber outcomes that others are conditioned not to see. They are developing disaggregated storage providing confidentiality, integrity, and availability for computing solutions at the Edge. Prizsm is leading the way in Quantum resistant, inherently secure, hybrid cloud enabled content storage.



QinetiQLogo 150pxw

QinetiQ are a leading science and engineering company operating primarily in the defence and security markets. They are an information, knowledge and technology based company with the breadth and depth of more than 6,500 highly dedicated employees.  QinetiQ are a world-centre of excellence in research and development, and act as a catalyst for fast-track innovation, offering outstanding experimentation facilities, technical, engineering and scientific expertise. The land, sea and air ranges they operate are some of the most advanced in the world.




Select Research are recognised as one of the leading companies in the world for 3D human body measurement, pioneering the use of 3D scanning in healthcare, wellness & fitness. In recent years, Select Research has applied 3D scanning to the measurement of obesity and its associated risks to our health. This has been achieved using the Body Volume System.



UniGloucestershire 150pxw

University of Gloucestershire is a diverse, vibrant community of 12,000 students and 1,500 staff with campuses in Cheltenham and Gloucester. During the day, you'll be able to meet and engage with their outreach team from Computing & Engineering and Creative Industries to discuss degree courses, degree apprenticeships, research and collaboration.



UniWorcester 150pxw

The University of Worcester is a close-knit and high-achieving community where students are supported to succeed at every level. The University has been ranked in the top 5 in the UK for Quality Education in all years of the Times Higher Education’s University Impact Rankings, which assess how universities globally are meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The University has also been ranked in the top 5 in the UK for Gender Equality in all years of the rankings.




Utelize (BetaDen Cohort 2 member) offer a managed IT service that provides the support, tools & resources to complement & empower an internal IT team​.  Their Virtual Mobile Manager (VMM) service reduces time spent on mobile administration, saves money on mobile network costs and improves employee productivity through the use of innovative new mobile technologies.



WorcCCLogo 150pxw 

Worcestershire Country Council provides a range of support for schools and businesses, including careers advice and events, the Careers & Enterprise Company initiative, proof of concept grants, apprenticeship grants, skills improvement support, as well as environmental and sustainability clean growth grants.



ZXLidarsLogo 150pxw

ZX Lidars offer a products for accurate, accepted and affordable wind measurements onshore, offshore, and from existing structures such as wind turbines. They are used in a variety of applications including wind farm development, site construction, site and project operations, and in other weather monitoring activities and can operate in all climates.






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