7th October 2023

Great Malvern, UK

12th Edition



Science & Technology Comedy Night

 Friday 7th October 2022 (evening)

 Malvern Cube*, Great Malvern, WR14 2YF

Abstract: We outline an innovative experiment to lighten the mood. Apparatus: Some science eggheads, computer nerds and engineering geeks (together referred to as boffins [1]), a stage, a microphone, some props, a digital projector, some drink and an adult audience. Method: Allow the boffins to speak consecutively into the microphone from the stage using the digital projector and their props to amuse the audience.  Results: Laughter out loud and consumption of drink.  Conclusion: Science and technology comedy is not an oxymoron.  References: [1] The Times, 15 Sept. 1945 referring to a band of scientific men who performed their wartime wonders at Malvern. 

Strictly 18+ because of the licensing rules, ID may be requested. Bring your lab book and safety goggles.




Doors open (probably to a sound like this)

The bar will be open, so enjoy a drink and take a seat...

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An evening of high-brow science and technology amusement


Our host for the evening


Robyn Perkins is a multi-award-winning comedian who likes to investigate life. And when life doesn’t go to plan, Robyn uses her scientific background to explain why, whether it be a question of love and morality, decision-making or, winning a game of monopoly. She's been at the Edinburgh Fringe this year with her Comedy for the Curious panel show with a science twist, and she's a resident MC at Laugh Train Home, one of London's best professional stand-up comedy shows.




Jon Wood is a self-proclaimed ‘recovering scientist’ who does stuff. What’s more is that he’s being doing stuff for years, and getting away with it too. A few people know some of what he does, but he has fingers in many pies; mostly because he loves pie. During the day he pretends he has a proper job, with engineers and everything. In reality, he gets easily distracted by Homes Under The Hammer, while drinking tea in his jammies.




Leah Morgan is a fusion energy engineer. She originally trained as a physicist but decided the thrilling life of a government engineer was more her speed. Leah started her YouTube channel Leah Love Science in 2020 just to avoid doing any work and loves talking about the highs and lows of fusion energy research.



(We're looking forward to Leah's act, but we've been reliably informed it may not be ready for another thirty years).


21:00 - 21:20


setTimeout (Intermission, 1200);

Ingestion of nutrients, excretion of waste, as appropriate.



Anna George is an Oxford scientist by day, and a comedic scientist by night. Come laugh and learn about her time researching toxic people on the internet. Now researching for her D.Phil., she has an MSc in Social Data Science, holds an M.S. in Industrial/Organizational-Social Psychology and a B.S. in Psychology, Second Major in Sociology, and minor in Statistics.  Oh, and Anna's also been performing at the Edinburgh Fringe this year.




Jon Matthews is returning to Malvern by popular demand! He's an insightful and witty comedian, writer and satirist, who tells jokes on subjects as varied as science, politics, relationships and religion, often drawing these diverse fields together into "punchlines you can feel smart for getting" (Chortle). He cut his comedy teeth on the ex-pat comedy circuit in China, where he became a popular figure on the Beijing scene, performing alongside touring American comedians as well as headlining and MCing local shows. This summer he too could be seen and heard at the Edinburgh Fringe.




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*drink sensibly, the liquid does not need to contain C2H5OH to have a good time.



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