TBC - 7th October 2023

Great Malvern, UK

12th Edition




 Tuesday 4th October 2022 (evening)

 Coach House Theatre, Malvern, WR14 3HA

We used to call this session Environment & Sustainability, but the title was obviously too pedastrian as we are now facing an emergency! We need to urgently innovate and, moreover, act now to save the planet we've taken for granted...

Many people want to respond to the climate emergency by doing something. But it can feel like an unsurmountable problem that an individual, family or small business would have little or no impact on. However, this session will provide an overview of the situation, highlight how small contributions can add up, and provide examples on what can be done. Do things at home, within your business, and join together to make Malvern an exemplar for change.

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Dr Emma Philpott MBE, Director of Innovate Malvern CIC





A global challenge, but we can make an impact!

The climate emergency is a global challenge with countries all over the world compounding the problem and making it feel like any effort we make is futile. It is important to first understand the current scale and breadth of the problem, as well as appreciate the rate of change and effect it is having on our world. Then it is useful to appreciate what is already being done, and what else could be done on a national and community level. Somethings are practical, some are radical. Ultimately we must all do what we can, as well as expect / embrace / promote systematic change to the way we currently live. A step change is now needed 'building on' our individual actions.

Dr Mike Goodfellow-Smith FRSA PIEMA, Lecturer in energy, engineering, environment, sustainability & climate change, University of Wales Trinity St. David's

Mike is a long time environmental sustainability practitioner and entrepreneur. He began his career as a social entrepreneur with a mission to address climate change and has a PhD on financing and insuring sustainable infrastructure and city transformation. He is director of Quest for Future Solutions and before moving to Wales he founded Malvern's Marvellous Trees social enterprise and was also the past Chair of the charity Malvern Community Forest. He has worked as an international trainer and consultant on numerous climate and environment programmes, from looking at macro-economic problems faced by regions down to energy effciency improvements of community buildings. He is also a lecturer at Aston University on Sustainability in Science and Technology and at University of Birmingham on Sustainable Construction.







The view from Malvern.  Cllr Natalie McVey, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Housing and Health

Unfortunately Natalie has had to drop out at short notice because she has just caught covid. We wish her a speedy recovery. 

We're grateful for Martin Hyden stepping in to talk instead.

Innovative businesses tackling climate change

Making it worthwhile for businesses to invest in researching, developing and commercialising innovative solutions to tackle climate change is very important. Generating and protecting intellectual property (IP) can give businesses the edge and incentive to do so. This talk will provide a couple of illustrative case studies.

Martin Hyden, Head of Sustainability, Partner, Patent and Trade Mark Attorney at Wynne-Jones IP

Martin has over 30 years experience in IP, both in-house and in private practice. In addition to positions in the UK, he has worked in the US, Japan, France, and Belgium. His in-house experience makes up almost half of his career and was spent mainly in the oilfield services sector, with short periods in the defence industry and in the semiconductor testing industry. In addition to the traditional activities of preparing and prosecuting patent applications, he has experience of managing and prosecuting design and trademark matters, and managing global IP portfolios.




Case Study

What we've done up at the Wyche

The Wyche Innovation Centre provides serviced offices, meeting rooms, hot-desking and a cafe to locals and visitors. As a commercial property, it uses a fair amount of energy, so from the outset we were keen to be as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. This talk will outline some of the solutions we've put in place over the last decade; including solar panels, LED lighting, electric vehicle charging point, and other energy saving devices. The overview will provide a cost-benefit analysis, highlight some of the on-going challenges, and hopefully help you to implement some changes in your own home or business benefitting from our experience.

Dr Adrian Burden

In addition to founding the Festival, Adrian is co-owner of the Wyche Innovation Centre on the Malvern Hills and manages its day-to-day operations. He is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society (FRMS), a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (FIET) and a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (FIMMM). He is also author of the business book Start to Exit: How to maximise the value in your start-up, and is the founding Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of a blockchain software company called BlockMark Technologies.

@apburden, @WycheInnovation



Panel Discussion 

Chaired by Emma Philpott with the three speakers.




We'll move next door to Bloom.Space for some light refreshments and an opportunity to continue the conversation.





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