TBC - 7th October 2023

Great Malvern, UK

12th Edition


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2nd December 2021 - Malvern Festival of Innovation 10th Anniversary, Malvern Panalytical Blog [Read More]


17th October 2021 - Science on the agenda as Festival of Innovation returns to Malvern, Malvern Gazette [Read More]


1st October 2021 - Science in focus as festival of innovation returns to Malvern, Malvern Gazette [Read More]


30th September 2021 - BBC’s Tech Correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones to open the tenth Malvern Festival of Innovation, Business & Innovation Magazine [Read More]


17th September 2021 - Rory Cellan-Jones to open 10th Malvern Festival of Innovation next month, Malvern Gazette [Read More]


14th September 2021 - All aboard for the 'Innovation Station', Today UK News.


13th September 2021 - David Rowan, founding editor of Wired UK and author of Non Bullshot Innovation to be the keynote speaker at the Innovation on the Hills afternoon at the Malvern Theatres.


24th August 2021 - Lucy Eckersley, the Punk Biologist, confirms she will appear at both the Science and Technology Comedy Night and the Family Show.


18th August 2021 - Alina Ivan will bring the Braintastic! science show about the senses to the Malvern Theatres on the Family Day, Saturday 9th October.


8th August 2021 - Materials Scientist Dr Anna Ploszajski to speak at the Next Generation Innovators schools day.


16th June 2021 - Rory Cellan-Jones confirms he will join as at the opening evening of the Festival to talk about his new book Always On.


17th May 2021 - Dan Barker will bring his Thriving Three Counties Podcast live on-stage for a session at the Festival this year.


1st April 2021 - The Malvern Festival of Innovation will this year rebrand as the Malvern Festival of Inoculation. [Read More]


25th January 2021 - West Midlands Railway's Your Community Your Fund will support the tenth annual edition of the Malvern Festival of Innovation this year, and the associated Malvern Science in the Park, with a grant and publicity, building on their support as a Travel Partner in earlier years. [Read More]


4th January 2021 - Dates for the 10th edition of the Malvern Festival of Innovation are announced as 4th-9th October 2021.