7th October 2023

Great Malvern, UK

12th Edition


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In association with BetaDen

Thursday 7th October 2021 (afternoon)

Malvern Theatres, Great Malvern, WR14 3HB

Join us as we showcase the wealth of innovative businesses and technologies from in and around the Malvern Hills in Herefordshire & Worcestershire, including some of those that have benefitted from the BetaDen programme at the Malvern Hills Science Park. 

IASME is a fast-growing, innovative, cyber security certification company based in Malvern with a network of assessors across the UK. This showcase event will be combined with an information and networking session for assessors associated with IASME certification schemes.

Free to attend but please register for tickets here.




Registration, Networking & Table-Top Exhibition Opens

Take in the table-top exhibition, network with peers and meet fellow movers and shakers from the Malvern Hills tech scene including some of the BetaDen cohort companies.

IASME assessors will have the opportunity to network with each other and the IASME team members leading each different certification scheme as well as the technical and customer services teams responsible for Cyber Essentials. Partners such as Pervade, ID Cyber and Sutcliffe & Co will also be available.

Buy a signed copy of David Rowan's fantastic book Non-bullshit Innovation.

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Welcome and Keynote

In the auditorium.  Welcome from Festival Founder Adrian Burden. @apburden 

Non-Bullshit Innovation: Radical Ideas from the World’s Smartest Minds

Based on the best-selling book by the same title, this keynote presentation explains compellingly how emerging technologies will impact business, and how leaders should prepare now, drawing on numerous examples from around the world in a quest for bold corporate innovation in the face of technology-led disruption. The talk sets out some of the proven strategies for future-proofing a successful business, from “Turn products into services” to “Empower your team” and “Become a platform”. 

David Rowan

As founding Editor-in-Chief of WIRED magazine’s UK edition, David came to know the founders of WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Google, Didi, Spotify, Xiaomi, Nest, Twitter and countless other ambitious startups from Tel Aviv to Shenzhen. He has since invested in more than 60 early-stage tech companies, including two that became billion-dollar “unicorns”, and is an adviser to Lakestar, one of Europe’s largest venture-capital funds. David has been a technology columnist for The Times, GQ, Condé Nast Traveller and The Sunday Times, and founded the VOYAGERS.io not-for-profit community of 600 innovators working to solve health and climate problems. He has received repeat requests to keynote for clients such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Google, KPMG, McKinsey, Chanel and Unilever, and has moderated events for the World Economic Forum and the UK and French governments. And he is still searching for the future.




Rapid-fire Pitches

In the auditorium with hosts Linda Smith and Adrian Burden.

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An opportunity for entrepreneurs to make a quick three-minute pitch relating to their venture, product or service. A great way to hear quickly about the needs of their businesses (e.g. looking for beta-testers, customers, finance, collaborators, professional assistance, etc) before finding out more from them in-person in the exhibition.



Pitching companies


WorcesterScientific   Prizm   Plinx 

  JetEngineeringLogo    Invizio    I4SLogo    GreenGorillaSoftware  


     FloWide    CrosswordCyberSecurity    BlockmarkTech    BetaDen



Networking & Refreshments

Continue the conversation with the innovators and fellow guests, touring the exhibition and making new connections.

Buy a signed copy of David Rowan's fantastic book Non-bullshit Innovation.








Join us at the Festival's Formal Dinner during the evening. 



An opportunity to both meet exciting innovators, many connected with the BetaDen programme, and those organisations that can help take your idea to market and make a venture a commercial reality. IASME Assessors will also be able to meet IASME and their partners in the IASME pavillion.

Main & Upper Foyers


BetaDen is Worcestershire's dynamic launchpad for entrepreneurs and scale-up businesses. The tech accelerator provides a revolutionary platform for businesses to develop next-generation technology, such as the internet of things and industry 4.0. Situated at Malvern Hills Science Park, BetaDen offers entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale up businesses a unique and comprehensive package consisting of free office space, mentorship from their handpicked experts, access to Worcestershire’s 5G testbed and a proof of concept grant. [Stand B16]



BrandRefineryLogo 150pxw


BrandRefinery are a specialist marketing consultancy focused on innovation and validating early stage propositions through specialised, accelerated digital marketing services and crowdfunding. They are passionate about entrepreneurship and the start-up ecosystem, and support businesses that want to test, validate and grow their product or service proposition with an agency that understands the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead of them. [Stand A13]




Business & IP Centre Worcestershire supports entrepreneurs and businesses with information, Intellectual Property (IP) advice and workshops. Managed by Worcestershire Libraries, a new centre is soon to open in Malvern library.  [Stand B14]




COHO (BetaDen Cohort 3 member) has built a next generation PropTech platform to enable flexible and effortless end-to-end management of HMO (house of multiple occupancy) properties through AI-driven automation. Their property management platform brings all aspects of managing shared living properties and housemates into one workflow. COHO helps you find high quality houseshares where coliving means more than just sharing a house. It means somewhere you can be yourself, find lifelong friends not just housemates and really feel at home. [Stand B18]



Innovate UK EDGE brings a range of services to help ambitious, small to medium sized businesses scale and grow with intensive, specialist-led support. Innovate UK EDGE helps businesses to build capacity for innovation and source finance by providing a dedicated innovation and growth specialist to work closely and efficiently with the leadership team to gain an intimate understanding of the business' needs. [Stand B7]



DRisQ 150pxw

D-RisQ is a leading UK software and verification system provider. Using formal methods mathematical techniques, they’ve developed a suite of software verification products designed to help organisations meet the toughest software behavioural assurance standards set by international regulators. Their intelligent software verification products have applications in many industries; including aerospace, autonomous systems (air, land, sea and underwater), automotive, marine, defence, cyber-security and nuclear decommissioning. [Stand A2]



DronePrep (BetaDen Cohort 3 member) works with landowners and pilots to open up low-level airspace for drone flight. Their mission is to inform the drone industry and recreational pilots (a group of more than 180,000 flyers) where they can and can’t fly and to allow engagement between landowners and the drone community to open up opportunities for both groups. In the future they envisage that their platform will ultimately help define where it is possible to deliver the drone highways in the sky for enterprise solutions. [Stand B1]




FloWide (BetaDen Cohort 4 member) bridges the gap between manufacturing and data. Their mission is to power the next phase of industrial optimisation with simulation and UWB-based location data whilst connecting industry 4.0 to the work from anywhere world. [Stand B17]



Jonathan Downes from Glassfull helps organisations and individuals take a proactive approach to mental health and wellbeing offering tools and guidance in creating the conditions for minds to thrive. He uses his MAGIC Mindset ® model to draw on coaching practice, psychology, neuroscience and spiritual learning to facilitate self-awareness, self-management and self-actualisation ie. knowing who you are, how you work and what you want. [Stand B15]



Green Gorilla Software (BetaDen Cohort 2 member) helps businesses to develop innovative software products, streamline internal processes and regain control of their operations. Their team has many years’ experience in understanding operational and management challenges. They have also helped numerous clients through the challenges of successful product innovation, from market testing through to minimum viable product and full launch. [Stand B3]




Industry 4.0 Solutions (I4S) helps manufacturers to obtain accurate insights from real-time data to make informed decisions to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and optimise their business. They offer an easy, affordable and scalable solution to securely connect all the ‘Things’ in a factory using a platform that centralises data to provide operational teams with actionable insights. [Stand B12]



Invizio (BetaDen Cohort 4 member) is a product design agency specialising in bringing products to reality. As well as working closely with clients to provide desirable designs, effective engineering solutions and manufacture ready prototypes, Invizio is working on a novel app-connected smart charger for electric vehicles which resolves a major hurdle in the urban charger market. [Stand B19]




JET Engineering System Solutions Ltd (BetaDen Cohort 4 member) is a disruptive force for innovative good. Presently, they provide a range of maritime connected solutions using 5G, AIS, and RF networks. Key objectives are to enable high bandwidth data transfer in multiple environments including civilian, defence, green-shipping, and renewables. Their core purpose is to leverage selected emerging technologies to positively impact safety, security, and environmental outcomes in any operational environment. [Stand B5]



The ERDF funded Low Carbon Opportunities Programme supports SME’s in Worcestershire and Shropshire with their Low Carbon Innovation. The programme provides FREE support and grants to help businesses to innovate, grow, develop and adopt low carbon products, processes and services. If you are looking to implement new ideas and commercialise products that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions we would like to hear from you.  We also support businesses to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs through energy efficiency measures and renewable energy solutions. [Stand B11].




Malvern Technology Network (MTN) is a new initiative to create connections between local founders, investors and the technology community. [Stand A14]




Midlands Cyber are the Regional Cyber Security Cluster for the West Midlands, responsible for championing investment and cyber networking. They work with their trusted partners, Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership, NexGworks (Worcestershire 5G testbed), Business Central and the BetaDen Tech Accelerator to ensure they are always at the forefront of innovative new tech and are providing their cyber community with every opportunity to thrive. [Stand A3]




PLINX (BetaDen Cohort 2 member) is a construction safety system that manages the proxmity of workers to hazards. PLINX equips construction workers with tags which provide an accurate, up-to-date of hazard and worker's location. They offer a range of wearable tags, site tags and equipment tags to provide feedback and incident record keeping to improve site health and safety. [Stand B13]




Prizsm (BetaDen Cohort 4 member) use technological capabilities in novel ways to achieve cyber outcomes that others are conditioned not to see.  They are developing disaggregated storage providing confidentiality, integrity, and availability for computing solutions at the Edge. Prizsm is leading the way in Quantum resistant, inherently secure, hybrid cloud enabled content storage. [Stand B2]




Sidaway Technologies (BetaDem Cohort 1 member) is a tech startup founded to exploit their new advances in computer vision and machine learning. Deep learning and other associated technologies are legacy algorithms, with big limitations and limited scope to advance. Sidawy Technologies looks at video very differently, allowing for a much broader set of requirements to be achieved, with greater agility to deliver sooner and respond to change more rapidly. [Stand B4]



Utelize (BetaDen Cohort 2 member) offer a managed IT service that provides the support, tools & resources to complement & empower an internal IT team​.  Their Virtual Mobile Manager (VMM) service reduces time spent on mobile administration, saves money on mobile network costs and improves employee productivity through the use of innovative new mobile technologies. [Stand A15]




Veritherm (BetaDen Cohort 3 member) are making accurate Building Performance Evaluation quick, simple and cost-effective. Real world measurement, testing and verification of building energy performance has a huge role to play in the coming decade. Veritherm's advanced testing solution can give precise measurement of thermal performance faster than other conventional methods, whilst also highlighting the 'perfomance gap' where dwellings often underperform compared to their EPC rating due largely to inconsistencies in the building fabric. [Stand B10]




Wembley Partners (BetaDen Cohort 4 member) has developed ORNA™, the Software as a Service (SaaS) cyber incident response platform that fully encapsulates every aspect of the SANS (SysAdmin, Audit, Network and Security) incident response process, including automatic report generation, accelerators, analytics, team and task management, KPI tracking, and much more. [Stand B08]




WhiteBox (BetaDen Cohort 3 member) is a proprietary live debugging tool for software that compiles, runs & debugs the code being worked on to give instant feedback side-by-side with a chosen editor. Their system provides “real-time” feedback as programmers edit their code, encouraging faster iteration and maintenance of flow; it shows feedback on dynamic behaviour across time, not just at one snapshot allowing for more thorough and relevent representation of what their code does. [Stand B20]



WINN 150pxw

WINN celebrates and develops Worcestershire as an innovative county. They believe that great things happen when people get together, which is why they are developing a community of inspirational individuals and brilliant businesses to help the region grow and become recognised nationally as a hub of innovative ideas and projects. So, whether you want to connect, collaborate, co-ordinate or just be inspired, WINN should be your first point of call. [Stand B6]




Worcester Scientific (BetaDen Cohort 1 member) is a start-up nanotechnology company specialising in sensor system production. They are specialists in thin film bulk acoustic wave resonator (FBAR) sensors and their application detecting environmental, biological, chemical and rheological substances/properties. The advantages of these sensors include ultra-sensitivity, high selectivity, low cost, low power consumption and simplified systems integration. [Stand B9]




IASME Pavillion (Upper Foyer)

IASME 150pxw

IASME work alongside a network of over 250 Certification Bodies across the UK and Crown Dependencies to help certify organisations of all sizes in both cyber security and counter fraud. IASME is committed to helping businesses improve their cyber security, risk management and good governance through an effective and accessible range of certifications. Recently, they have launched The IoT Security Assured scheme that certifies internet connected devices against the most important security controls and demonstrates commitment to best practice security.  [Stands A7-10]



BlockMark Technologies (also a BetaDen Cohort 3 member) develops blockchain applications. As a proof of concept, it launched BlockMark Gems, a marketplace of eye-catching digital art that demonstrates nonfungible tokens (nfts) and the associated management of Intellectual Property. The company has now launched BlockMark Registry, a certificate and accreditation management platform anchored to the blockchain used by IASME and other companies with certificate scheme. BlockMark also offers bespoke and interactive executive training programmes about blockchain technology. [Stand A12]



Crossword Cybersecurity plc (AIM:CCS) focuses on commercialisation of university research-based cyber security and risk management software and cyber security consulting. They work with research intensive European university partners to identify promising cyber security intellectual property (IP) from research that their industry partners believe meet emerging real-world challenges. Their specialist cyber security software engineering team work with university partners to develop the research concept into a fully fledged commercial product that they then take to market. Crossword are working with IASME as a technical partner.  [Stand A5]




Through cyber training, education and certification, ID Cyber Solutions provide the professional necessary knowledge to protect companies from cyber attacks from competitors, employees, counterfeiters, fraudsters or other sources. ID Cyber Solutions has been appointed as a Cyber Essentials Certification body, as well as being a trusted supplier for the Scottish Business Resilience Centre and Police Scotland.  [Stand A4]



Pervade Software is an independent software vendor with the products OpView (a flexible security monitoring system), OpAudit (a compliance tracking solution), and OpIndex (an accurate and comprehensive Dark Web Intelligence solution). Pervade are working with IASME as a technical partner.  [Stand A6]



Sutcliffe & Co has a highly experienced team of specialist commercial and personal lines insurance brokers to look after your insurance requirements and take the burden of insurance off your shoulders. Based in Worcester, they have been working IASME to provide cyber insurance alongside some of their certification schemes.  [Stand A11]


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