7th October 2023

Great Malvern, UK

12th Edition



Evening Symposium

 Wednesday 9th October 2019 (evening)

 Coach House Theatre, Malvern, WR14 3HA 


An evening to enthuse you about the trials & tribulations of being an entrepreneur.

The event was free for all to attend.




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Arrival & Networking

Refreshments, following the earlier Business of Innovating symposium in the same venue. 

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Dr Adrian Burden, Festival Founder & Managing Director of Innovate Malvern CIC




Fancy starting, scaling and listing a tech. venture?

Insights from founding and transforming Netcentric Systems, a software consulting business, into an equity funded product based business and then taking it through a reverse take over to an IPO on London's Alternative Investment Market (AIM). Lessons learnt from this firsthand experience are now helping some of UK's most advanced quantum technology businesses to start and grow.

Jane Garrett is the Enterprise Director at the Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre at the University of Bristol. She has over 25 years experience in developing, directing and supporting early stage technology-based businesses, through mentoring, coaching and creating entrepreneurial teaching programmes. She has a degree in Physics and spent many years employed at technology businesses before embarking on developing her own software venture which as CEO she bootstrapped, raised equity funding and eventually floated the business on London’s AIM through a reverse take-over.




One big family - the Smartbox story

Back in 2000, some software coding was underway in a spare bedroom in Malvern to try to help people with disabilities to communicate. Later in 2006, Smartbox was formed to market and sell hardware and software based on these early developments, with a husband and wife team as the co-founding directors. As the company grew, they soon became a leading player in the assistive technology sector, and their two sons came on board to join the talented team. And in September 2018, Smartbox announced they were joining the Tobii Dynavox family as the co-founders step down to enjoy retirement.

Paul Hawes was the founding Managing Director of Smartbox Assistive Technology and Sensory Software International. His interest in assistive technology goes back to 1977 when he and two engineer friends created the first European Deaf Communicating Terminal, enabling deaf people to type conversations over the phone; which at the time was revolutionary!




The sweet smell of business success

Be one of the first to hear about a newly launched concept called ‘Nourished’ which offers truly personalised nutrition based on a patented 3D printing technology. Hear how the service of offering a combination of seven different active ingredients into personalised nutrition stacks was inspired by an earlier 3D-printed confectionary business. The vitamins and supplements are tailored, produced, packed and delivered on demand based on the customer's lifestyle and goals using only the highest quality vegetarian and sugar free ingredients along with plastic free packaging. Nourished is set to a disrupt the health and wellness industry; hear how they plan to quickly become a market leader in the new era of personalised nutrition.

Melissa Snover was awarded BQ’s ‘Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year’ for the Midlands in late 2017. In 2009, Melissa founded Goody Good Stuff, the world’s first all-natural vegan gummy candy. By the time she sold the business in 2014, Melissa had developed a network of 30,000 sale points in more than 33 countries worldwide. For her next project, Melissa started Katjes Magic Candy Factory, developing the world’s first 3D printer for sweets so that she could offer customised confectionary as an innovative way to target the event and entertainment industry. Her competent pitch aired on BBC Dragons' Den earlier this year. Now Melissa has founded Get Nourish3d to deliver custom mixes of vitamins and nutrients directly to your door.

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Q&A panel


Networking & refreshments

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Once again, Malvern's very own crowdfunded brewery startup, The Friday Beer Co, will be serving bottles of their latest ales.


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business mix is a collaboration network and consultancy that works with start-up and scale-up companies, helping them to grow operationally. business mix focuses on a specific area; owning the space between the large corporates and the start-up world allowing them to make it work for both sides. As Platinum sponsors of the Festival, they'll be on hand to discuss any aspect of starting and scaling your own venture.






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