7th October 2023

Great Malvern, UK

12th Edition



Engaging all ages

Saturday 12th October 2019 (all day)

Malvern Theatres, Great Malvern, WR14 3HB 

We were enlightened and inspired by our Family Show speakers, before exploring the hands-on exhibits. Staged in the Malvern Theatres for parents and children to enjoy, they came to find out about some of the latest new things in the world of science and technology...

The exhibition was free for all to attend.  The Family Show is ticketed via the Malvern Theatres Box Office.



Biology Week 2019

Running from 5th-13th October, Biology Week showcases the important and amazing world of the biosciences, getting everyone from children to professional biologists involved in fun and interesting life science activities.



International Year of the Periodic Table

2019 has been designated by UNESCO as the International Year of the Periodic Table (IYPT), marking the 150th anniversary of the Mendeleev periodic table, which is an iconic image and a vital tool to all who learn and work in science, at all stages of their learning and careers.



WES Centenary

Women's Engineering Society (WES) is a charity and a professional network of women engineers, scientists and technologists offering inspiration, support and professional development. In 2019 WES will be 100 years old: they will be celebrating the present, remembering the past and changing the future. 

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European Cyber Security Month

ECSM is the EU’s annual advocacy campaign that takes place in October and aims to raise awareness of cyber security threats, promote cyber security among citizens and provide up to date security information, through education and sharing of good practices. We'll be featuring some cyber security exhibitors and workshops during the day.

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Registration & Exhibition Opens

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Family Show

The small and the wobbly


Part 1

Invisible Worlds

Marty Jopson, the BBC One Show's resident scientist will take you on a journey from everyday life, down into the realm of microscopical wonders. The adventure begins with things you can almost see, but soon you will find yourself in a world totally invisible to the unaided eye.

Marty will start from the very beginnings of microscopy, through hugely magnified insects, bacteria and plants to the most up-to-date fluorescent techniques demonstrated live on the stage. A show not just full of stunning images, but interactive demonstrations and samples harvested from the audience. You have been warned! This show is supported by Zeiss, global leaders in the manufacture of microscopes.




An opportunity to tour the free hands-on exhibition



Part 2

Due to a death in her family, Scary Boots had to cancel her Get ready for jelly show. We will invite her to perform in the future.  We were delighted that Dr Martin Khechera was able to stand in at the last minute with his Mission Transmission show:

Dr Martin Khechara is a Fellow of Public Engagement for STEM at the University of Wolverhampton. He is an accomplished science presenter, science theatre performer, writer, associate professor, and a researcher of microbilogy.

Martin presented his hit science show for schools ‘Mission Transmission', which, with the help of the audience, explored the nature of disease transmission through human faeces, vomiting and by breathing in each-others airborne secretions. And the final advice was to always wash your hands!



Free hands-on exhibition continues





BCSLogo 150pxw

The BCS (British Computer Society) is the Chartered Institute for IT, an organisation committed to making IT good for society. The Institute fosters links between experts from industry, academia and business to promote new thinking, education and knowledge sharing. [Stand A10]


IOP 150pxw

Institute of Physics is a leading scientific society; a charitable organisation with a worldwide membership of more than 50,000, working together to advance physics education, research and application. [Stand A02-4]

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IETLogo 150pxw

Institution of Engineering & Technology. For over 140 years the IET has been inspiring, informing and influencing the global engineering community; supporting technology innovation to meet the needs of society. In the afternoon we're delighted that Elin Day-Thompson will bring along her national-award winning Clarinet for Space solution [Stand A07-08]


IMechE 150pxw 

Institution of Mechanical Engineers works with leading companies, universities, and think tanks to create and share knowledge, fresh thinking and authoritative guidance on all aspects of mechanical engineering. [Stand B04]

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MRATHS 150pxw

Malvern Radar and Technology History Society (MRATHS) exists to preserve the heritage of the Government Research at Malvern which conducted research and development in support of the armed forces. With photographic archive material and physical artefacts on display at the Festival, the Society will highlight some of past breakthroughs in infra-red and radar technology credited to Malvern's boffins. [Stand B06-08]


RaspberryJamMalvernHills 150pxw

Steve Dawes, a STEM Ambassador and regular contributor to the monthly family and adult Malvern Raspberry Jam Pi computer sessions at the Wyche Innovation Centre, will showcase some of his Raspberry Pi and Arduino projects. These include controlling LEDs to give stunning visual displays, 3D printed modules for Pi project development, and Internet of Things devices communicating with cloud data services. [Stand A09]

Mazak 150pxw

Yamazaki Mazak Corporation are leaders in the manufacture of advanced technology solutions including Multi-Tasking, 5-axis, milling, turning, CNC controls and automation systems. Their advanced machine tools are used to manufacture many of today's complex and critical engineering components. [Stand B09-10]


STEMAmbHub 150pxw 

STEM Ambassadors use their enthusiasm and commitment to encourage young people to enjoy STEM subjects. They open the doors to a world of opportunities and possibilities which come from pursuing STEM subjects and careers. STEM Ambassadors not only inspire young people, they also support teachers in the classroom by explaining current applications of STEM in industry or research. [Stand A05-06]

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UoBham 150pxw

SYMON logo

The SyMoN lab from the University of Birmingham will be demonstrating how our senses can work together and how easily tricked our brains can be. Younger scientists will be making neurons whilst they learn all about how the brain gets information from all our senses. For older scientists, they will be looking at what happens when the information from the world around us doesn’t match up and how your own brain can be fooled. [Stand A14-15]

 @SyMoN_UoB, @unibirmingham

UoBham 150pxw

The School of Chemical Engineering from the University of Birmingham will be explaining some interesting aspects about the chemistry of food, demonstrating chemical reactions and that affect the taste, texture and structure of the stuff we eat. [Stand A11-12]


UniNottingham 150pxw

The Hearing Sciences section of the School of Medicine, University of Nottingham, will be demonstrating how loud sounds are, what sound is measured in, what hearing loss sounds like and what we can do to help people with hearing loss. Furthermore, they will be demonstrating how complex and exciting the human sensory system is, highlighting how the senses work together to facilitate communication and our interaction with the world. [Stand A13]

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