7th October 2023

Great Malvern, UK

12th Edition




Monday 7th October 2019 (evening)

 Lewis Lecture Theatre, Malvern College, WR14 3DF 

The event wais free for all to attend. 




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Bonkers Things About the Universe

Did you know that babies are powered by rocket fuel? You could fit the human race in the volume of a sugar cube? Time travel is not ruled out by the laws of physics? 98% of the universe is invisible? And the most amazing picture in the history of science is a single pixel across? This talk will explore thought-provoking and profound science, providing a new perspective on life and the Universe in which we live. 

Marcus Chown

Marcus is an award-winning writer and broadcaster. Formerly a radio astronomer at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena (where he studied under Richard Feynman), he is cosmology consultant for New Scientist. His books include The Ascent of Gravity, which was The Sunday Times Science Book of the Year 2017 and the recent Infinity in the Palm of Your Hand: 50 Wonders That Reveal an Extraordinary Universe. Marcus was a regular guest on the BBC4 comedy-science show, It’s Only A Theory with Andy Hamilton and Reginald D. Hunter, and often appears on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch. He has appeared at a variety of events from the Cheltenham Literary Festival to the Sydney Writers Festival, from the National Theatre to the Wilderness Festival.






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