TBC - 7th October 2023

Great Malvern, UK

12th Edition


2018 The Family Day & Show


Engaging all ages

Saturday 13th October 2018 (all day)

Malvern Theatres, Great Malvern, WR14 3HB 

Be enlightened and inspired by our Family Show speakers Dr Sophie Kain and Huw James. Then explore the hands-on exhibits. Staged in the Malvern Theatres for parents and children to enjoy. Come to find out about some of the latest new things like Drones, Raspberry Pis and 3D Printers...

The exhibition was free for all to attend.  The Family Show was ticketed via the Malvern Theatres Box Office.


WorldSpaceWeek 150pxw

World Space Week

Each year, the World Space Week Association (WSWA) selects a theme for a designated World Space Week (WSW) to provide a focus for relevant activities and events that take place throughout the world. This year WSW is 4-10 October. We'll also feature some space-themed activities and exhibits in the Festival programme.

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YearEng2018 150pxw

Year of Engineering

The Year of Engineering is a UK government campaign which celebrates the world and wonder of engineering during 2018. From spaceships to ice skates, the bubbles in chocolate bars to life saving cancer treatment, engineering touches every part of our lives. However, not enough young people – especially young girls – think it’s a world for them. As a result, the industry is struggling to recruit future talent. What’s more, young people are missing out on the chance to make a positive difference to both their futures, that of the planet and everything that calls it home.

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Registration & Exhibition Opens

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The Family Show

Inspiration, Exploration & Adventure


Part 1

More inspiration, less perspiration

Dr. Sophie Kain used to work as a quantum physicist and is now an enthusiastic and exciting science and business presenter who thrives on explaining complex ideas to ignite the imagination. Sophie appeared on BBC's ‘The Apprentice’ in 2007, where she got ‘fired’ for sticking to her principles, so her pride remains intact!

In this talk, Sophie will ask: Is it easy to make money? Is it easy to innovate? Is it easy to solve problems, however complex? Is it easy to set up a business? And the answers are yes and Sophie will show you how! This engaging and interactive show will inspire you to solve real world problems and highlight what to consider in setting up a new business to turn an innovation into a commercial reality. 



An opportunity to tour the free hands-on exhibition



Part 2

Space Adventures

Join adventurer and astronomer Huw James as he takes us on a journey to explore where in space we'll go next and explains how we are already sending probes beyond our solar system to learn exciting new things about our galaxy. This fascinating show is illustrated with live demonstrations and science experiments.



Free hands-on exhibition continues.





Avatar3D 150pxw

Avatar 3D will be on hand to demonstrate additive manufacturing and how this is changing the way we prototype and produce complex 3-dimensional components for a whole range of applications. Avatar 3D have won the ‘’Most Innovative business offering digital training services’’ award and will be showcasing the Avatar 3D printer ‘’Ingenium’’, manufactured in the UK. Last year, they have been developing 3D printing of chocolate; not as easy as it sounds! This year, they have been working in clay. Find out how this research has been progressing. [Stand B13]


BCSLogo 150pxw

BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, is committed to making IT good for society. They champion the global IT profession and the interests of individuals, engaged in that profession, for the benefit of all. The impact of IT on modern society is greater than ever, it's down to all of us to ensure it is positive. [Stand A07]



BCS science buskers...

CSwan ALovelace    RHenson CBabbage 

Christine Swan, experienced computer science teacher and visiting lecturer at Birmingham City University, will be Ada Lovelace. And she'll be joined by Richard Henson, Senior Lecturer from the University of Worcester, who will be playing Charles Babbage. Call the TARDIS for these time travellers to arrive through space-time and listen to them talk about life as a celebrated mathematicians and logicians.

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elemenus 150

Elemensus™ is the perfect game for anyone who wants to play with words and chemistry. You don’t need any extra skills and it’s ideal for anyone over 7. Younger people find it easier than older people and can learn the Periodic Table Elements by osmosis.  Come along and give it a try! [Stand A16]


GEAviationLogo 150pxw

Nearly 75 years ago, GE introduced the United State's first jet engine and brought America’s aviation industry into the jet age. Since then, they have developed an entire family of fuel-efficient turbofan engines, accumulating more flight hours than any other commercial aircraft engine in history. Now, GE Aviation Commercial is continuing to build on that legacy with next-generation commercial engines, innovative flight efficiency systems and a dedicated worldwide services network. [Stand B01-02]


IOP 150pxw

Institute of Physics is a leading scientific society; a charitable organisation with a worldwide membership of more than 50,000, working together to advance physics education, research and application. [Stand A04-06]

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IET 150pxw

Institution of Engineering & Technology. For over 140 years the IET has been inspiring, informing and influencing the global engineering community; supporting technology innovation to meet the needs of society. [Stand A08-09]


IMechE 150pxw 

Institution of Mechanical Engineers works with leading companies, universities, and think tanks to create and share knowledge, fresh thinking and authoritative guidance on all aspects of mechanical engineering. [Stand B03-04]

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MRATHS 150pxw

Malvern Radar and Technology History Society (MRATHS) exists to preserve the heritage of the Government Research at Malvern which conducted research and development in support of the armed forces. With photographic archive material and physical artefacts on display at the Festival, the Society will highlight some of past breakthroughs in infra-red and radar technology credited to Malvern's boffins. [Stand B06-08]

RaspberryJamMalvernHills 150pxw

Steve Dawes, a STEM Ambassador and regular contributor to themonthly family and adult Malvern Raspberry JamPi computer sessions at the Wyche Innovation Centre, will showcase some of his Raspberry Pi and Arduino projects. These include controlling LEDs to give stunning visual displays, 3D printed modules for Pi project development, and Internet of Things devices communicating with cloud data services. [StandA11]

Mazak 150pxw

Yamazaki Mazak Corporation are leaders in the manufacture of advanced technology solutions including Multi-Tasking, 5-axis, milling, turning, CNC controls and automation systems. Their advanced machine tools are used to manufacture many of today's complex and critical engineering components. [Stand B09-10]


ROCULogo 150px

ROCU - The West Midlands Regional Organised Crime Unit is a collaboration between the police forces of Staffordshire, West Midlands, West Mercia and Warwickshire to fight organised crime across the region. They will be covering a range of topics including opportunities to become a Digital Defender, what Cyber Crime is and what the penalties of Cyber Crime are, and how to protect yourself from Cyber Crime. [Stand A02-03]


STEMAmbHub 150pxw 

STEM Ambassadors use their enthusiasm and commitment to encourage young people to enjoy STEM subjects. They open the doors to a world of opportunities and possibilities which come from pursuing STEM subjects and careers. STEM Ambassadors not only inspire young people, they also support teachers in the classroom by explaining current applications of STEM in industry or research. [Stand A10-12]

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UBRacing 150pxw

UBRacing is is the University of Birmingham’s official Formula Student Team. They are an entirely student run project with the aim of designing, funding and building a single-seat racing car from scratch to compete in the Formula Student competition each year. The project is run as an extra-curricular activity and involves over 70 students each year from a range of degree subjects. [Static display E01, B05]


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