7th October 2023

Great Malvern, UK

12th Edition



Schools Outreach

Tuesday 3rd October 2017 (all day)

Three Counties Showground, WR13 6NW

A day that showcased creative science, technology, and entrepreneurship for middle and senior school students (Years 7 to 9) from around the region. Schools brought their class to listen to lectures, participate in hands-on workshops, and tour an extensive exhibition of organisations.

The event was free to attend, but schools (or home-educating parents) needed to register in advance. Some activities were timetabled specifically based on the size of school parties.


WorldSpaceWeek 150pxw

World Space Week

Each year, the World Space Week Association (WSWA) selects a theme for a designated World Space Week (WSW) to provide a focus for relevant activities and events that take place throughout the world. This year WSW is 4-10 October. We'll also feature some space-themed activities and exhibits in the Festival programme.

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IY2017 150pxw

International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development

The United Nations has designated 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. This is an opportunity to raise awareness of the contribution of sustainable tourism to development among public and private sector decision-makers and the public, while mobilizing all stakeholders to work together in making tourism a catalyst for positive change. We will attempt to bring on board some exhibitors that can help engage students about this theme...



European Cyber Security Month

ECSM is the EU’s annual advocacy campaign that takes place in October and aims to raise awareness of cyber security threats, promote cyber security among citizens and provide up to date security information, through education and sharing of good practices. We'll be featuring some cyber security exhibitors and workshops during the day, and of course we have our Cyber Security & IoT themed business day later in the week.

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Registration & Exhibition Opens


Timetabled talks and workshops begin

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[Seminar Room S1]



Up, up and away... launching a Raspberry Pi with a weather balloon

Nick McCloud is an entrepreneurial programmer, geek, and glider pilot. He has crowdfunded the open source robot kit ChickBot and taken various Raspberry Pi project demonstrations to schools. He will talk about the science of weather balloons and the challenges of launching, monitoring and retrieving a payload. Weather permitting, this will be followed by a live launch of a helium-filled weather balloon equipped with a Raspberry Pi computer to transmit data back to a computer display in the exhbition hall on stand A11]



Thunderbolts and Lightning - are they really frightening?

Rhys Phillips is a research engineer at Airbus Group in Newport where he was worked since 2009. He graduated from Cardiff University in 2008 with a joint honours degree in Mathematics & Physics. In October 2016, he was made an honorary lecturer at the School of Physics & Astronomy. He is an award winning science presenter, presenting science stage shows to schools and the general public around the world having recently presented in Guadeloupe, New Caledonia, Morocco, Australia and New Zealand.



Does Schrodinger’s Cat live in a Multiverse?

Linde Wester is studying for a DPhil in Quantum Computing at the University of Oxford. She will discuss the development of traditional computers, some strange phenomena like entanglement, different ways to interpret the theory of quantum mechanics, and the possibility of infinitely many universes. Linde will also discuss the thought experiment of Schrodinger's Cat, which is alive and dead at the same time. Finally, she will bring everything together to sketch how the special nature of quantum mechanics can be used to develop innovative technology.”


[Seminar Room S2]  


Materials in Action

Dr Diane Aston, Education Manager at the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3), has a PhD in ferrous metallurgy from the University of Birmingham.  During her talk, she will explore the wide ranging materials around us, highlighting how they are mined, extracted, processed and used. The talk will include examples of metals, polymers, ceramics and composites indicating why they are different and how their properties are suited to different applications in our daily lives.


Unfortunately Diane was ill on the day and unable to present on this occasion.

TAlcott 150pxw

Blockchain and Bitcoin

Tom Alcott is the CEO of startup BlockMark Technologies Ltd. He will explain why all the excitement about blockchain and bitcoin is merited and how this technology may change the way we spend money and use digital services in the future.




UniBirmLogo 150pxw

IOP 150pxw 

Planetarium Dome: Galaxies - the home of a billion stars

Explore the night sky within the dome and hear about astrophysics and research into gravity from students at the University of Birmingham's School of Physics and Astronomy, in collaboration with the Institute of Physics. [Stand A29]

@unibirmingham, @IOPMidlands


Journey to Infinity

Take a breathtaking journey from the UK to the edge of the Solar System, past our solar neighbourhood, beyond our magnificent Milky Way galaxy to the edge of the known Universe. An unforgettable 360˚ experience that will transport you unimaginable distances in a short space of time. This feature is kindly supported by the Worcester area branch of the IMechE. [Stand A21]



Journey to Mars

NASA's fleet of Mars robotic explorers are paving the way for human exploration of the Solar System in the coming decades. Find out about the technology and innovation required for the journey, and how things will change in the future. This feature is kindly supported by the Worcester area branch of the IMechE. [Stand A21]



AspireAcademy 150pxw

If you want to change the world

Barry Jackson from Aspire Academy will lead an interactive discussion group looking at the big challenges in the world and the big opportunities available to make a difference. The session will encourage students to be ambitious and show them how they can have an impact on the world they will work in.  [Stand W1]



Catshill 150pxw.png

           CGI 50pxw

Build your own robot workshop

An opportunity to build a robit kit with a BBC Microbit at its heart. The robot is programmed using programmable blocks which will be familiar to those who use Scratch. [Stand A12]

With thanks to CGI who have sponsored the robot kits for this session.


Daden 150pxw  3D and Virtual Reality Immersive Learning

Try using VR headsets to explore 3D immersive landscapes and other activities to see how people will learn in the future. [Stand W4]



IET 150pxw

Hands-on Raspberry Pi

Students will have the opportunity to work in pairs to programme these mini computer boards to complete a simple hardware control task using Python code. [Stand A13-14]



imaginify 150pxw

Workshop for Girls

Imaginify empowers girls to pursue careers in digital and technology, through training and mentoring, role models, networking opportunities and resources for girls and young women, and their schools, colleges and Universities. [Stand A37]



UKESF 150pxw

'People Like Me' Workshop session for girls

This workshop activity will be for girls to learn more about themselves and show that working in electronics is for people like them. [Stand W3]


UniWorcester 150pxw

How to be a famous Entrepreneur in three easy’ish steps!

The Worcester Business School at the University of Worcester will run be running this interactive workshop to brainstorm a new business idea and consider what it takes to be a succesful enterprise. [Stand W2]

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AspireAcademy 150pxw

Aspire Academy provides talks and workshops for schools and careers events to help students effectively tackle the job market and secure the job they really want. Their programme gives advice about networking with future employers, preparing their cv and application, as well as performing well in an interview and leaving the best possible impression with the interviewer. [Stand W1]


AstonUni 150pxw

Aston University School of Engineering and Applied Science with its tradition of quality and reputation for cutting edge research, offers students excellent opportunities to join in the process of discovery and creativity, and prepare for an increasingly diverse and technological world. Their focus is on the inter-disciplinary nature of engineering and applied sciences, the key technologies and their interactions. [Stand A3]


Avatar3D 150pxw

Avatar 3D will be on hand to demonstrate additive manufacturing and how this is changing the way we prototype and produce complex 3-dimensional components for a whole range of applications. Avatar 3D have won the ‘’Most Innovative business offering digital training services’’ award and will be showcasing the Avatar 3D printer ‘’Ingenium’’, manufactured in the UK. Over the last year, they have been developing 3D printing of chocolate; not as easy as it sounds! Students will be able to hear how this research has been progressing. [Stand A41]



Babcock Prime's mission is to deliver improved life chances and outcomes for children and young people through the most innovative education service in the UK. They enable learners, teachers and communities to fulfil their potential through world-class education. At this event they will be highlighting careers opportunities around cyber security, IT and engineering. [Stand A10]


CheltSciGroup 150pxw

Cheltenham Science Group are a community interest company seeking to inspire a new generation to love science, technology, engineering and maths. They will be bringing along a number of hands-on science experiments and demonstrations for students to investigate. [Stand B5]


Daden 150pxw

Daden are specialists in developing immersive 3D applications for marketing, learning, training and education (Trainingscapes and Fieldscapes), and for immersive 3D data visualisations (Datascapes), using both conventional 2D displays and virtual reality headsets. [Stand W4] 


Electraa 150pxw

ElectrAA, the Electric Automobile Association, promotes the use of electric vehicles through events, meetings and case studies. Their flagship event is the UK Electric Car Show, held in Great Malvern. [Stand A7]


GEAviationLogo 150pxw

Nearly 75 years ago, GE introduced the United State's first jet engine and brought America’s aviation industry into the jet age. Since then, they have developed an entire family of fuel-efficient turbofan engines, accumulating more flight hours than any other commercial aircraft engine in history. Now, GE Aviation Commercial is continuing to build on that legacy with next-generation commercial engines, innovative flight efficiency systems and a dedicated worldwide services network. [Stand A27]


GFC 150pxw

GFC Diagnostics has developed a sensitive assay for cotinine and the other nicotine metabolites in saliva. The test is currently used in pharmacies to assess smoking habit, whether as part of insurance, wellbeing assessments or smoking cessation interventions. The company also researches and develops other medical devices and sensors. [Stand A4]



Glideology 150x68

Glideology believe your amazing ideas must become reality and it's their purpose to make that happen. They understand the journey and challenges involved with developing a new product.  Using their 3D model and fast prototyping, their team of experienced engineers will turn your concept into brilliant and beautiful technology ready for manufacturing. They also provide holistic business support to help you make the right decisions at the right time, making your business a success.  They are your fit for purpose technology experts.  [Stand A5]



Gordon Coppock is a STEM Ambassador, renewable energy advocate, and a director of two local Solar Community Energy Cooperatives. He will be providing his energy bikes for people to ride that generate electricity from pedal power to light up bulbs of different types, power kettles and smoothie makers, pump water and fry eggs. [Stand B4]


HerefordshireLudlowCol 150pxw

Herefordshire & Ludlow College has a long and proud history of providing quality education to the Herefordshire community and surrounding areas for over 60 years. It welcomes over 7,000 learners each year and offers over 70 full-time courses across two campuses, including a specialist land-based campus, as well as a range of apprenticeships, part-time, HE, recreational, legislative and specialist courses for businesses. [Stand B2]


IBMS 150pxw

The Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) is the professional body for biomedical scientists in the United Kingdom. It aims to promote and develop the role of biomedical science within healthcare to deliver the best possible service for patient care and safety. It does this by supporting biomedical scientists in their education and training, improving standards of practice, representing the profession and working with organisations to improve laboratory service. [Stand A18]


Imagineering 150pxw

The Imagineering Foundation introduces 8-16 year olds to the fascinating world of engineering and technology through fun, hands-on activities. [Stand A1]


IOP 150pxw

Institute of Physics is a leading scientific society; a charitable organisation with a worldwide membership of more than 50,000, working together to advance physics education, research and application. [Stand A30-32]

@IOPMidlands, PhysicsNews

IET 150pxw

Institution of Engineering & Technology. For over 140 years the IET has been inspiring, informing and influencing the global engineering community; supporting technology innovation to meet the needs of society. [Stand A13-14]


IMechE 150pxw

Institution of Mechanical Engineers works with leading companies, universities, and think tanks to create and share knowledge, fresh thinking and authoritative guidance on all aspects of mechanical engineering. [Stand A23]

@IMechE, @IMechE_Worcs


Komatsu (formerly Joy Mining Machinery in Worcester) are a worldwide leader in high-productivity mining solutions. They manufacture and market equipment and services for the mining industry for use above and underground. [Stand A39]


Laserlines 150pxw

Laser Lines  was originally founded in 1975 and remains one of the leading suppliers of lasers and accessories, 3D printers, rapid prototyping machines and vacuum casting systems. Their experienced support team offers training, installation, maintenance and repair services for all their products. They also have a sub-contract facility for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing requirements. [Stand A25]


Legrand 150pxw

Legrand is the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures. In the UK, the company is organised into the following specialist business units: cable management, power distribution, wiring devices, assisted living and healthcare, and data communications. [Stand A24]


MalvernInstruments 150pxw

Malvern Instruments provides a range of particle analysis and rheological instrumentation that delivers inter-related measurements reflecting the complexities of particulates and disperse systems, nanomaterials and macromolecules. [Stand A22]


MalvernRasJamFamily 150pxw

Steve Dawes, a STEM Ambassador and regular contributor to the monthly family and adult Malvern Raspberry Jam Pi computer sessions at the Wyche Innovation Centre, will showcase some of his Raspberry Pi and Arduino projects. These include controlling LEDs to give stunning visual displays, 3D printed modules for Pi project development, and Internet of Things devices communicating with cloud data services. [Stand A15]

Mazak 150pxw

Yamazaki Mazak Corporation are leaders in the manufacture of advanced technology solutions including Multi-Tasking, 5-axis, milling, turning, CNC controls and automation systems. Their advanced machine tools are used to manufacture many of today's complex and critical engineering components. [Stand A39]


PeterJonesFoundation 150pxw

The Peter Jones Foundation believes that everyone deserves a brighter future. A key initiative is the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy, a nationwide network of educational providers throughout the UK which are founded on a philosophy of ‘learning by doing’ and run various courses in enterprise and entrepreneurship. The Foundation also runs Tycoon in Schools, a national enterprise competition which takes place in secondary schools across England. [Stand A2]

@PJFoundation, @pjea_org, @TycoonInSchools


PiBot is an exciting new robot kit for the Raspberry Pi, designed for digital makers wanting to learn and have fun with technology. [Stand A35-36]



QinetiQLogo 150pxw

QinetiQ is a company of scientists and engineers essential to sovereign capability. The technical expertise and domain know-how of their people are their principal sources of competitive advantage and are well matched to the emerging themes in their markets. Their principal revenue streams are advice, services (particularly test and evaluation) and technology-based products. [Stand A28]


        Quekett 100pxw

The Quekett Microscopical Club is the leading organisation for all who are interested in the microscope and microscopy. They have an international membership, with both amateur and professional microscopists who freely share their knowledge with beginners and new members. The Clubis a registered charity and ‘learned society’ – their stated aims are to promote the understanding and use of all aspects of the microscope. [Stand A17]. 


RAFEngLogo 150pxw

Today’s modern Royal Air Force (RAF) is the UK’s aerial, peacekeeping and fighting force. RAF Engineers play a vital role in allowing the RAF and wider Defence to deliver its outputs. Engineer Technicians ensure the maintenance operation of highly technical equipment, be it aircraft, support equipment or the wide range of information systems which a modern Air Force needs to operate successfully. RAF Engineer Officers lead teams of highly skilled Engineer Technicians, manage high-tech equipment and budgetary resources, as well as exercise professional engineering judgment in direct support of operations. [Stand A26]

@RoyalAirForce, @rafyouthengage, @RAFEngineering

STEMAmbHub 150pxw

STEM Ambassadors use their enthusiasm and commitment to encourage young people to enjoy STEM subjects. They open the doors to a world of opportunities and possibilities which come from pursuing STEM subjects and careers. STEM Ambassadors not only inspire young people, they also support teachers in the classroom by explaining current applications of STEM in industry or research. [Stand B2]

@STEMLearningUK (@STEMNET previously)

UniBristol 150pxw

University of Bristol's School of Physics has research strengths in newly emerging areas of nanotechnology, optoelectronics, high temperature superconductors, smart materials, quantum information, e-science and revolutionary instrumentation for probing biological systems at the molecular scale. They aim to provide an excellent learning experience which trains both undergraduates and postgraduates across applied and theoretical physics. [Stand A20]

@bristoluni, @UniBrisPhysics

UniGloucestershire 150pxw

The University of Gloucestershire has a vibrant academic community where creative research is conducted at a high level. Each of their 10 academic schools contribute to their learning-led, research-informed environment. They embed research in all their activities, ensuring students and staff benefit from and contribute to vibrant subject communities, engaged in fundamental and applied research. [Stand A19]

@uniofglos, @UoG_Outreach

UniWorcester 150pxw

The University of Worcester offers highly relevant, very professional courses; excellent, inspiring teaching; a truly friendly, inclusive approach with excellent student support; an outstanding record of graduate employment; and a beautiful home in historic Worcester. Staff from their Institute of Science & the Environment will be participating in this event, so come along to find out more about applied biology, zoology and biochemistry. [Stand A16]


WCGLogo 150pxw 

WCG is one of the largest further and higher education colleges in the UK, with unique colleges in two counties.  They aim to deliver learning experiences which lead to the development of wider skill bases and improved destinations for all of their students. At the Festival they will be showcasing some of the agritech work they do at Pershore College. [Stand B3]


WorcesterBosch 150pxw

Originally founded in 1962, Worcester became part of the Worldwide Bosch Group in 1996 and they are the UK market leader in domestic boilers.  Their current product range includes gas and oil boilershot water cylinders, renewable technologies such as heat pumps and solar water heating systems, as well as controls and accessories. [StandA40]


WynneJonesIP 150pxw

Wynne-Jones IP is a leading intellectual property firm, specialising in patents, trade marks and designs. They have expertise in various technical domains including aerospace, defence, chemical, computing, electronic, medical technology and life sciences. [Stand A9]



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